"If the church fails to apply the central truth of Christianity to social problems correctly, someone else will do so incorrectly.” Carl F.H. Henry

The Gender Revolution is Lying to Children

Yesterday, I came across a remarkably sad video that documents the times in which we live. Produced by Buzzfeed, the video puts viewers onto the new frontier of gender non-conforming parenting. You can watch the video below, but the short summary is that the lesbian couple interviewed is attempting to parent in such a way as... Read More

5 Reasons why Southern Baptist Resolutions Matter

I’m heading to the Southern Baptist Convention early this year. On Thursday of this week, I’ll be joining the Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention to serve as the liaison from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. While technically not a member of the committee, I have the privilege to observe the meetings and... Read More

Three Quick Helps for Dissertations

I’m in the thick of writing my dissertation. If all goes to plan, I should be done sometime in November or December. Chapter one is complete (that was my prospectus). Chapter two is in process. The dissertation is slated to be a total of six chapters. I want to highlight three hacks I’m benefitting from... Read More

Preaching on LGBT Issues

On March 19, I kicked off a sermon series at my church, Redemption City Church, called “Sex Matters.” This series is our brief attempt at helping Christians understand God’s plan for sex and sexuality. Titled “Sex Matters: Why Our Bodies Matter to God,” I preached specifically about what the Bible teaches about homosexuality and gender... Read More

“Secular Religion” and the Impossibility of Religious Liberty

Over the weekend, Andrew Sullivan wrote an essay comparing the progressive intellectual movement known as “Intersectionalism” to a type of secularized religion. That’s curious, because Sullivan defines the movement not only by its ritual and liturgical practices, but, in my own summary, in its willingness to function as an agent of absolute judgment against dissent... Read More

On Disagreeing with The Benedict Option

I’m no stranger to The Benedict Option (hereafter, “BenOp”). I have been participating online and in other venues about the relative strengths and weaknesses of Dreher’s proposal for awhile, so I like to think of myself as someone well versed in all things BenOp. And, to be candid as a reviewer, I don’t arrive at this... Read More

Why Martin Luther King Matters to Christian Ethics

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King and his significance for racial justice. As a Christian ethicist, I’m interested in asking what aspects there are of Martin Luther King’s career and approach to activism that are important for Christian ethics today. One of many aspects, and what I want to briefly focus on, is how Martin... Read More
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