"If the church fails to apply the central truth of Christianity to social problems correctly, someone else will do so incorrectly.” Carl F.H. Henry

God and Moral Limits in the Public Square

Conservative activist Ben Shapiro has always been a little hard edged for me—especially in tone. But I took his stepping away from Breitbart as a good sign that even very, very conservative individuals like him finally saw through the charade of Breitbart journalism. Mark Hemingway of the Weekly Standard tweeted a video of Shapiro giving... Read More

Fools for Christ

Justice Antonin Scalia’s coffin is now in the grave. To many, the grave means the cessation of existence. To the Christian, it means that the redeemed await a future resurrection. Non-existence versus eternal glory. Those are polar opposites—antitheses. In the aftermath of his death, I find myself returning to this widely shared quote that Justice... Read More

Andy Stanley, Natural Law, & TIME Magazine

I came across this reader response from Atlanta pastor Andy Stanley in the latest issue of TIME Magazine. In response to TIME’s “Is Monogamy Over?”, Stanley answers with a terrific response titled “We Crave Something Beyond Our Biology.” He writes: Cassette tapes are obsolete. Monogamy is more like an endangered species. Rare. Valuable. Something to... Read More